Thursday, February 12, 2009

Philadelphians! Can Anyone Recommend a Good Roofer?

If so, please comment below OR email me at info (at) zoestrauss (dot) com... so we can get our roof fixed!


Judith Schaechter said...

Ohmigosh Zoe--there's ONE roofer way above and beyond and that's Ray Nocella.
He's AWESOME......a great guy. Honest, smart, efficient--he came over, gave me an estimate and fixed my roof the same day...saved me an enormous hassle and was such an excellent human to boot.

Mithras said...

Nocella is great, from what I hear. Another really good guy who I have hired is Brad Zacharia, 215-969-5757. Drexel engineering grad, second generation roofer, kind of a weird personality, but he knows everything there is to know about roofs and can fix it for less.

zs said...

Thanks, thanks and thanks, my friends!