Thursday, February 05, 2009

Make Out Philly!

Thanks to Artblog for pointing Philadelphians in the direction of what will undoubtedly become the best local commercial ever. Directed by the great Ted Passon. Ted, I love this. I'm so mad I'm going to miss it.


THIS SUNDAY February 8th. The commercial is for the "Stay over in Philly" campaign and commissioned by the Philadelphia Department of Tourism and produced and directed by Ted Passon and All Ages Productions.

This commercial is for a new push of the campaign with a special Valentine's Day twist. The filming takes place in LOVE Park and starts on one couple meeting at the Park. They immediately start kissing each other. The camera moves and we see another couple meeting and kissing . The camera continues to move and we see another kissing couple and another until we see a ridiculous number of couples all meeting and kissing at LOVE Park, as if everyone in Center City just stopped what they were doing and started making-out with each other.

Come and makeout in LOVE Park for the commercial!

WHAT: Looking for couples (all races, ages, genders, etc. the more the merrier!) to make out on camera in LOVE Park.
Feel free to come as you are or in costume! We are looking for a wide range of outfits and looks including:
*Business professionals (suits)
*Bike messengers
*City Workers
*Park Rangers

WHERE: LOVE Park 15th and JFK in Philadelphia

WHEN: THIS SUNDAY February 8th.
11:00am until 3:00pm
Because of the complicated nature of the shot (a single minute-long moving take) it may take up to four hours to rehearse and execute. If all goes well it will take less time.

If you want to be in the commercial you need to be on time.

HOW: Just show up at LOVE Park at 15th and JFK on SUNDAY February 8th at 11:00am and register and you are in the commercial!

ALL Participants will be notified when the commercial is online and will be sent a link.

If there are any questions please contact:
Ted Passon

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