Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I believe I have the flu, since I am as sick as I was 4 days ago.


Now, why am I writing this? There seems to be a grotesque narcissism inherent in the fact that I think people are interested in my being laid up for a few days. Who cares outside of my wife and family? I know that my lady and my family read this, but a simple phone call or email that's not able to be accessed by anyone with computer access would probably make a lot more sense to tell them something.

There's a byproduct of putting personal information out there; the back and forth of thinking the minutia of one's life could be of interest to people while knowing that when push comes to shove, it's absolutely uninteresting except to one's loved ones. And even then it's not that interesting. In my work transparency is queen, and having an accessible-to-anyone stream of consciousness is part of that. In terms of using the computer as a socializing tool, what does it mean to put out these moments that are reserved for people close to you? I love facebook, and I find it interesting to see what people put for what they're doing in the moment. Seriously, I find it genuinely interesting to see what people from grade school and high school are doing in their day to day lives if they're by the computer. But this isn't a social networking tool, it's just there for anyone to read, I've come to rely on putting out information here as opposed to a phone call or email. Is that laziness or part of my process? And what does that mean in my relationships that I put out information in such a broad manner?
(Slightly related, I've come to hate email beyond the beyond)

While I have made a very conscious decision to regard my audience as everyone in world and to never over think what I'm putting up, to go with a rushing spring thaw stream of consciousness, I'm not 100% sure it's healthy or beneficial to me and those who I love. Not to mention that it's not really that interesting to people who are reading it. I revisit this structure occasionally and know with certainty that I'll keep on keeping on until at least May 2010, but sometime after that I'm taking a break. Until then, prepare to be enthralled by the minutia in my life!

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