Thursday, February 26, 2009

I am on the mend, although my breathing sounds like "broiling lamb" or "taking a flamethrower to weeds" or "dragging a heavy cardboard box on a gritty and sandy floor" and occasionally "halfhearted new year's party horn."


Christopher Paquette said...

Zoe... I have been dealing with the exact same thing for over a week now.... with heavy rattling going on in my lungs. If it is any consolation, I finally went to the doctor yesterday because I was getting concerned about pneumonia.
The doctor said... "It is just the flu, nothing you can do about it except lot's of rest and plenty of fluids. But it can linger for up to 8 weeks in your body, so don't be surprised if it re-surfaces again"
He basically said the biggest factor is getting lot's of rest and not to over do it.

Get well & take it slow!


zs said...

Chris! Thanks so much for this because the rattling is really unnerving. I'm so sorry that you have this grinding flu. I'm really genuinely shocked at how bad I feel... I don't think I've ever had real influenza before and I keep thinking I can't STILL be this sick.

Chris, on your own advice, rest and have soup and teas. I wish I could send some soup over. After this fucking flu I think we should go out for steaks in April!