Sunday, February 08, 2009

Honestly, I have very little contact with the natural world, but I have been moved by the landscape in Alaska to make a statement about the land. I'm certain "Mt. McKinley" is a moronic name for the tallest mountain in North America. McKinley? As in "tariffs and shot by an anarchist" McKinley? That mountain should have no human name, and certainly not McKinley. The name Denali is used for the McKinley peak, as well as the park, but "McKinley" is still hanging on. It's got to go.

Also, Prince William Sound doesn't have jackshit to do with "the Prince who then became King" William. I'm voting for a new name on that body of water.


patcaribou said...

blame it on ohio.

zs said...

Whatttttt? I can't believe I missed that... published two days before I got up here and became an avid fan of the ADN. Seriously, I can see how Alaskans slide right over to the secession camp with that kind of idiocy in trying to keep the name McKInley.