Monday, January 19, 2009

From my hotel window at night, I can see an illuminated star. It's impossible to see where the star is or how it's supported and because of how very dark it is, I can't get a sense of distance to the star.

star from hotel room arrow_3419 web


star from hotel room_3420 web


star from hotel room_3426 web



I got in the car and drove toward the star, but after 20 minutes of driving I felt I just couldn't get close enough without the star flattening out. It's lights laid out in the mountains.

star_3257 web

I stopped and made a photo on Muldoon in a strip mall parking lot, where the star hovers over a gas station and homes. There's an incredible distinction between night and day here. There's an absence of "lights as far as you can see," so night becomes completely black in the distance. That seems like a crazy statement, but there's a qualitative difference in the dark here.

I'm going to try to make a few "night and day" shots from the same spot. There's a good idea somewhere in there and an interesting theory about perceptions of the natural world, but I don't have great faith that good ideas can always translate into strong photos.

Alaskan star morning_3507 web

Alaskan star_3346 web


on the way back to the hotel after making the first night image, Bunny calls me and I don't answer, I'm driving. She thinks my number is Joey's number and leaves a message asking where they buried Anthony... "I'm that redheaded girl you and Junior use to pick up. Gee, I miss the whole gang..."

55- bunny.jpg

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