Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanks to Marc Lester for a Quality Tour

I've met many enjoyable people here and Marc Lester is one of them. I was privileged to get a little tour from him today, including his sighting of some Bald Eagles, which I didn't even know really existed in real life. To me, was as if our great national bird was the equivalent of a unicorn until today. OK, and they were just hanging out right off of Muldoon Rd, kind of across from an Arby's. Whoa. Thanks for pointing them out, Marc!

Click above to check out Marc's work.


Marc said...

The fun was all mine. Riding with you was an adventure, Zoe. And not just when you turn right from the left lane.

zs said...

I'm looking forward to our next excursion... after I brush up on these uptight Alaskan driving laws.