Monday, January 05, 2009

South Philadelphia Gets Beautiful Optical Illusion Speed Bumps

These won't work at all in terms of reducing speed, but they are truly neighborhood beautification. I love them. Good job, traffic engineers.

"illusion speed bumps" 8th and cantrell_9039 web

"illusion speed bumps" 8th and cantrell_9036 web

Above, 8th and Cantrell.

Optical Illusion Speed Bumps Tested in Philadelphia

Optical illusions used as virtual speed humps


Heart As Arena said...

OMG! It's totally been lifted from the cover of the new Psychic TV album, Mr. Alien Brain vs The Skinwalkers. Which is wildly great and cathartic, by the way.

Andrew said...

We've had these over in West Philly--on Cedar Ave in the high 50s and on 60th Street. They're definitely disorienting, and I think they work!