Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Something amazing happened today... as I was leaving the cabin a bird flew right up to me and then onto a tree by my side. I impulsively held out my finger like a perch to the bird and THE BIRD FLEW ONTO MY FINGER. It held on for a few seconds, looking at me, and then flew away. Truly awesome.

This drawing of Snow White accurately describes the scene, for real, except replace Snow White with a fat dyke in a green t-shirt.

Here's the bird that landed on my finger. Or it could be that bird's doppelganger.

the bird that landed on my finger_8109 web


patcaribou said...

ha..must have been a gray jay (a.k.a camp robber)

Ian Aleksander Adams said...

you are now at one with the world, grasshopper

carole said...

You continually make me laugh my ass off. Thank you. I love reading your blog - such a great balance of anger, wit, humor, amazing photos and happiness. (in no specific order)