Monday, January 19, 2009

My Alaskan friends! How do you guys do it with all this darkness? My GOD! Do you just get used to it?


patcaribou said...

i hope the sun comes out. the light in anchorage is amazing when its sunnny. the "magic hour" is more like "the magic 6 hours" in winter, and "the magic 21 hours" in summer.

zs said...

Pat, are you in Fairbanks? The first day here I saw that light and there was a little of it here tonight. But what's up with that little arc the sun does? It never gets past "9AM" height.

I'm setting up a portrait studio here at the international... please send me your email so I can send you some info. I might get up to Fairbanks too...the 26th is apparently a good day for checking out the aurora, so I have to head up north.

patcaribou said...

that would be awesome if you could come up to fairbanks.