Thursday, January 15, 2009

I have made a crazy purchase for my trip... a cable release and a little gripper tripod. I am not a puritan of any kind when it comes to photography, but I have opted for handheld at all times and have always felt that a tripod, and most certainly a cable release, were a little too fussy for me. I vote for balancing the camera on the car roof, or whatever is around, to keep it still. And I up the ISO to prevent shake, so noise can often can be a factor. That's the way I like to shoot and if I miss a shot, so be it.

The no flash Power/Ower photos were all made with a high iso and prayers of minimal shake and they are a ringing endorsement of the ability to show what I want using no more equipment than the camera.

power ower el paso_0012 web

But up here it's dark. It's dark A LOT. So I decided that I would have to prepare for a place where much work would be done in a twilight like daytime and the out and out night.


patcaribou said...

welcome to AK! if you get the chance to shoot the northern lights in subzero temps, a tripod and cable release will be your best friends.

zs said...

Thanks, Pat! I am definitely going to get to the aurora, I don't know what I'm going to do when I see it. Where are you up here? Dude, it's AMAZING here.

Derek R said...

Also a VR lens (image stabilization) will help, if you're taking pics of stationary things like landscapes, etc. The 18-55 VR is only $180. (Assuming you don't already have a VR.)

ruben said...

You sound nostalgic while being up there.Look at it this way...It is going to be a joy coming back home because your loved ones will be there waiting for you.Some people don't get to go anywhere and nor they have nobody waiting for them at home. Enjoy the experience and tell us as much as you can. Be our eyes. I don't think I have an interest of going there ever but, like to know more about it.Stay warm!
Philly in Miami or more like Zoe in Alaska!

patcaribou said...

i'm in fairbanks...glad your enjoying it! i hope the sun sneezes a big cloud of particles. i'll be doing the aurora dance.