Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I have come to love the Anchorage Daily News, the print version. It's a publication that really tells you what Alaska is like. Today in the A section there were articles about the mayoral race and federal energy policy alongside an article about installing wind farms in rural Alaska... some rural village residents have promised to sign over future tax refunds to cover their current electric bills.

And an article about how Alaska reversed itself and is allowing Exxon Mobil Corp. to drill wells this winter at the Point Thomson oil fields.

And an article about an activist group looking to build a non-profit laundry and shower house because many people in Salcha and Fairbanks haul their own water and have no running water, meaning no laundry or showers.

And a warning about a possible volcanic eruption at Mt. Redoubt near Kenai..."The continued eruption warning prompted city officials to send out information about dealing with volcanic ash. They urged residents to prepare ahead by outfitting homes with a supply of respirators, extra food, water and other supplies. They also encouraged stocking up on large plastic bags to cover appliances, extra air filters for cars, and windshield washer fluid.

During an ash fall, people and pets should remain indoors, they said."

And, of course, an article about some breach of ethics by Sarah Palin.

Whoa, right?

The article pictured below is incredible to me for two reasons... first the use of "Lower 48" as a proper noun. But then... hold onto your hats... "Outside" is capitalized to mean "Outside of Alaska." Marc told me they capitalized "Outside" but I didn't realize quite how crazy it was until I saw it in print. Man, I can't imagine an idiom more telling about Alaska than the use of "Outside."

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