Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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Here's where I am right now. I was hoping to catch the aurora but it clouded up a little after midnight and it's 1:45 right now so I'm headed to bed in a little bit. I am in rural Alaska, outside Talkeetna. I drove up from Anchorage and have never even remotely seen anything like I saw today. The day was clear and the "mountain was out" people say, meaning that you could see Mount McKinley/Denali and the Alaska Range. This range is one of the many things I've found fascinating in relation to the complete inability to articulate what a thing is truly like through images, still or moving.

Tonight when it got dark and the stars came out, I couldn't believe it. It's was indescribable. As I was outside testing out the camera settings in case the aurora appeared there was an insane "what the hell is that" noise. Oh, it was just wolves. You know PACKS OF HOWLING WOLVES. WHAT THE FUCK. Dah-ling I love you but give me Park Avenue.

I simmered down, but are you kidding me? I'm in rural Alaska in a cabin with wolves outside? But here's the thing that's REALLY crazy... I'm typing this on my computer out here and posting it right now and I talked to Lynn Bloom through her night to tell her about the aurora watch. A million miles away and not disconnected. Now that's more nuts than being in a cabin with howling wolves.


tony said...

Hi Zoe. I heard you were in Alaska from friend and photographer Hal Gage. Being unfamiliar with your work, I checked out your website and blog, and discovered that presently you are outside of Talkeetna! I'm a painter living in downtown Talkeetna. Originally from Philadelphia. If you find yourself here in town, drop me an e-mail at marcetto@mtaonline.net. You can see my work at www.marchwindstudios.com. Maybe I will make it to your talk in Anchorage. Enjoy Alaska! Give my best to Philly.

Tony Crocetto

zs said...

Tony! I'm emailing you... I'm definitely headed back to Talkeetna and would love to meet up.