Saturday, January 17, 2009

Congratulations to all of the Anchorage High School kids who submitted works for "I Draw the Line." An extra special congratulations to George, who was last year's winner and made a piece for this year's show just because he was inspired to do so. I am a big fan of George. I gave him a ride home... a ride that was life and death driving. Because of the rain, the street are flooded and icy and massive potholes are filled with water, giving the illusion that they are just wet ground. About 8-10 cars were pulled over with flat tires and I was like "what the hell?" until I drove into a pothole that was approximately the size of Peru. Thank GOD I didn't get a flat tire. Then we had to drive on an icy and wet off ramp that went over a river and prompted George to say, "I'm a little nervous right now." Not to worry, we made it safe and sound to Spenard and I made it home to "The Grand."

george_2493 web
George with his kick ass piece

erin and her sister_2507 web
Erin (on the right) was a winner too. Her piece is in the middle.

In the Anchorage Daily Times, Student show celebrates King's legacy by Mike Dunham

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