Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Alaska is not helping 2 of my biggest ocd like tendencies. In fact, Alaska is exacerbating it.

The first is my inability to stop thinking of hidden mechanics. For example, if I am in an elevator, I am hyper-conscious of the pulley system and the space underneath the car. And I am sometimes transfixed by the function of the radio, radio waves and the device used to pull the waves to sound. And on and on.

The second ocd thing is that I am occasionally unable to stop myself from "tracing back" to an origin. E.g., With my takeout coffee, I find that I often try to figure out where each item that comprises the cup of coffee has come from. Milk, sugar, paper cup, coffee, plastic lid, flavored syrup. And then, to top it off!, I can't stop thinking about, "how did people think to roast and drink coffee?" I can keep this shit going all the way back to "How was there a gaseous cloud hovering about in the first place to cause a sun to form?"

Which brings me to, "How the fuck do bananas from Ecuador come to Alaska?" and "How did the United Fruit Company make bananas a fruit 'staple' so ingrained in the American diet that they are readily available in Alaska?" (Albeit, more money than down in the ''lower 48'' as they derisively say here)

Bananas in Anchorage, AK grocery store

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john said...

here's a hint about the banana thing...