Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Philadelphia Tricentennial

One thing I want to work on in the next couple years is starting to plan a Tricentennial event in Philadelphia. I realize that I be dead in 2076, but I want to get it started. I'm completely seriously. Where is the city going to be at the close of this century? What about our infrastructure, how will it hold up for the next 70 years? And industry trends in the city? Planning for social services, for energy, for traffic? Realistically, will our 100 year old home hold up for another 70 years? And if not, how can our neighborhood be restructured for new housing?

I want to look forward to what the city will be and I want us to plan for it, to plan for the long haul. Fuck that vinyl siding that's falling off of newly built houses in the neighborhood. I want to think about what works and what will hold on and why it will keep on keeping on.


Fairmount Park Strategic Plan Executive Summary
Plan Philly


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