Monday, December 15, 2008

OK, I really need to know if anyone has as many electronic problems as I do. Today Microsoft Word busted, with insane things happening and this was at the end of an interaction where I never received an email from the person who was then getting the corrupted word documents. In addition my cell phone is stone cold busted. Why do all my things bust? Hard drive, laptops, cell phones, software, nothing is safe.


Ian Aleksander Adams said...

it's an epidemic

the last couple months have been some of the most ridiculous tech months of my life - terabytes of data in the balance, totally crazy.

I hope your issues miraculously work themselves out!

Tracy said...

Zoe, in the span of one month last winter, my computer crashed, my cell phone battery died, my hair drier blew up, and my car broke down. None of these things could be fixed (well the car could have been, but I was sick of driving a car that kept breaking down) and so I had a very expensive month:)

I have found that electronics issues come in clusters.

zs said...

While, of course, I wish no others ever have the electronics issues that I have had, I am actually really glad to hear these things. I would say once every six months I have some kind of electronics failure that prompts the people at the Apple store or whoever I'm working it out with to say, "We've never see that before!" and I just want to strangle them.

Thanks, Ian and Tracy!

caryn said...

i also honestly believe that people with high personal energy can impact electronic devices.

you, my dear, are one of those people.