Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm Giving an Artists Talk at Bruce Silverstein Gallery Today!

When: Saturday, December 13th, 2008
Time: 3pm
Where: 535 West 24th Street (ground floor)

Hear me talk and talk about AMERICA: We Love Having You Here on view now at Bruce Silverstein Gallery.

Check out the review in this week's New Yorker


Here's some other reviews of America: We Love Having You Here, straight from my living room tonight.

"This show is real, real good! Who wouldn't want to see it?"- Zoe Strauss

"The feel-good show of the holiday season."- Lynn Bloom


Anonymous said...

Here's another one

Anonymous said...

while you're giving your "fancy-schmancy Manhattan gallery talk tour," your local supporters are dilegently doing their homework on you.

Just picked up "artmatters" (dec. 08 issue). here's the link for InsideTheArtist'sStudio with Zoe Strauss by Jennifer Zarro (pgs 09/13).

(umm, never mind... they've yet to post the article link.)

Anyways, hope the Gallery Talk went well today.

zs said...

Thanks, my friend! For the info and the support.