Monday, December 15, 2008

Hooray for Newspapers!

Click the above title to read about how Rod Blagojevich was worked up about the press...

"According to the criminal complaint that the United States attorney filed, Governor Blagojevich, while allegedly trying to set a price for a United States Senate seat, also spent a significant amount of time going after the press, especially The Chicago Tribune, whose editorial page had been calling for his impeachment."

Blagojevich, while revolting, is the least of our worries in terms of government corruption. That traditional Chicago shakedown can't even hold a candle to the Halliburton and Blackwater backhand deals.

But maybe this indicates a return to journalism that seeks to uncover and present facts, and is strong in convictions. I am optimistic that with the end of the Bush era, we will be seeing a slow reversal of the last 8 years of the Rovian/McCarthyite crushing of the press. And while corporations that have tremendous conflict of interest issues with a free press still own much of the media, I'm hoping that newspapers and news sources will work to tell us many of the unpleasant facts no one really wants to hear about.


stevec said...

First, great blog! Just found it, and hope to return to explore more interesting content.

This post caught my attention. I hope you recognize this as civilized conversation, not a mindless outburst.

But this type of perspective on news and news sources seems strange to me in this day and age. Why really do we need those corporate news sources? Why would we wish for THEIR 'return to good journalism' or even their survival? These are the few businesses that have polluted our minds for years... failing to stay true to honest news... trading integrity for ratings & dollars. People everywhere have suffered a great deal from our continued trust in the enormous media empires as the only authorities in news and information in our world.

My point is that great news - serious journalism - not only still exists, but thrives. It isn't on TV or in the big papers much. And who cares? Independent news is serious, powerful... wonderful. TheRealNews, DemocracyNow, ProjectCensored, FreePress for example... plus an army of great writers, bloggers and watchdog groups. The news you seek is already here.

Again, this is no personal attack! We're surely on the same side in many ways. I guess I'm just surprised when I hear thoughtful people cling to the corporations - any corporations - that are suffocating our democracy and dumbing down millions of people. Good things may come with Bush's departure, but it's not like corporate leadership ends when Obama begins.

Any thoughts? Keep up the great work!

(Note: I do recognize the traditional value, jobs and access of the major news agencies. But as we flounder forth in an age of mass deception, I wish more people would simply move on. Plus, independent news surely needs our support.)

zs said...

This is a great comment, thanks so much Steve! I actually totally agree with you. But many people depend on corporate news sources for obtaining their news... and while I believe that everyone should be proactive in seeking out reliable information about the world, many people don't necessarily don't have the luxury or time to search out news sources other that those presented by CNN or the local newspaper. And in addition, many people wouldn't even think that they needed to search for a more integrated news source. So I'm sticking to my guns, I think the less "Fox" news bullshit that's out there in the world and more reporting that allows folks to slip in to talk about the real deal of what's happening is beneficial for all of us.