Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Holidays, South Philly Style!

by 7th and oregon christmas house_8431 web

I thought this house was the topper of 2008, only to be topped by 1640 S. 13th St. tonight. Before I get to why 1640 S. 13th St. is the best, I'll let you in on why the home above held onto the #1 slot of "South Philadelphia Holiday Decorated Homes" for so long. The photo above is snapped at a crescendo. These lights are synced to a blasting sound track and blink in time to the music. Seriously, this house is so loud you can hear it from almost a block away. It's really spectacular, but unfortunately this home uses some of the techniques used to drive Branch Davidians out of the Waco compound, so it wouldn't be so great to live next to it.

Not pictured here is my #1 home of the holidays, 1640 S. 13th St. This home has a decoration that I've never seen before which involves a rear projected image in a 2nd floor window. It's only visible at night and I highly recommend walking by if you live around here.


1313 holiday window_8480 web

1313 window_8482 web

Here's our holiday window. Honestly, it's pretty understated compared to most.

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Anonymous said...

I think that's what greatest about Philadelphia...

No matter the holiday, Philly's got the bestest and most festive neighborhood window displays.