Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Boxing Day!

Christmas was an unparalleled success in the Bloom/Strauss household. With a Xmas breakfast prepared by yours truly and then and Xmas dinner prepared by your truly and Italian Wedding Soup prepared by Andrea and Justin. Hanukkah went by the wayside as the alleged birth of "Christ" prompted a household of awesome visitors.

For breakfast we supped on many things, mainly meats and bread, with an important addition of scrapple to this years menu. Here's who was here: Mom, Nannie, Syd and Cos and me and LB. 100% success rate. Worth noting are Savannah's ingenious theme gifts, which might have to be the new thing for our holiday extravaganza. My theme was "cool as a cucumber." Also worth noting is a great present from Syd and Brother... "The Snuggie." I have it on right now. And by "on" I mean I am UNDER A BLANKET AND THAT BLANKET HAS SLEEVES. I AM TYPING ON THIS COMPUTER COMPLETELY UNDER A BLANKET! Personal family photos for all to share in my family's happiness to come later.

Then Xmas dinner prep, and guess who arrives? Cousins Andrea and Justin! They start with the soup, we finish opening presents and then I get back to cooking. Then Kim, Maggie, Katie and Kellie arrive and they are all good news. Course 1 soup... Andrea and Justin killed it. Special thanks to Uncle Col, "soup sensei," for the recipe and the years of training that allowed Andrea to produce a masterpiece pot of soup. Course 2 Dinner... I have to say, I really brought it. Course 3... dessert.


Brian said...

Holy Shit I love the blanket with sleeves! I'm so jealous!!!
Have a happy boxing day!

Patti Hallock said...

I got a blanket like this last year...mine is called a "Slanket"!!! Happy Happy, Merry, Merry!

ruben said...

Sounds like a good thing to have.
Zoe, keep your eye on the mail .
A little treat is going your way...

zs said...

I saw the Slanket in Sky Mall last year and actually tore it out so I could look at it and dream about having it. A blanket with sleeves? Yes!

Happy holidays!

One Tired Momma said...

I got a Snuggy for Christmas! A blue one,I love it.