Monday, November 24, 2008

We Love Having You Here

Here's a little run down on what went into getting "We Love Having You Here" up and running.


In my original configuration of the show, the rounded wall on the left (with my name and show title on it) had "Titanic" as a wall mural covering the wall. "Titanic" ended up not going on that wall for aesthetic and budgetary reasons. I cooked up the show with no reasonable limits on budget and then shaved it down and reshaped it in relation to the economic depression setting in. While wide open money would be amazing, who the hell has endless money? Often I have a few working titles for a show to help me keep on point and one of the working titles for this show was "Songs For The Depression."

In the front on the right are "Woman at US/Mexico Border" and "Red White and Blue Gas Station." I had printed a few other things for that spot, but I really needed to see prints in the space to know what should go there, and it was these two without a doubt. Like with the last show, If You Reading This, I wanted the photos to create an open ended dialogue and to bounce off each other to create different narratives.


Here's the installation shot of the wall that faces the front windows and door. Titanic was a keystone in placing the images in this show and I knew it should be on one of the three walls that faces the street. The image behind "Titanic" is the side of a home in New Orleans with marks where the water held. There's a water mark at about 8 feet and one at about 6 feet, the water had receded about 2 feet and held for a while at 6 ft in the area where this house was.

water lines_4998_2 web

This is the full image.


There's so many reasons for this specific set up and that's all I'm saying.


As part of the installation in Gallery 1, I included a grouping of portraits which is something I've never done before and was a nervous wreck about it. While the format of how the photos are hung is familiar, the syntax of the photos was completely different for me. I'm really thrilled with how the front room worked out.


I had gone over and over and over which photo should face the door at this spot and had 3 in the running and had printed all for a decision. The middle room had been set up for months but I just didn't feel certain of the photo facing the front because I felt that the anxiety of the Presidential election was going to impact that choice. The day after the election Lynn Bloom and I were at Toys R Us getting a present and the cashier didn't ring up one of the 2 toys that we were getting and when I told her that she had missed one of the toys, she just gave it to us and said, "We've got to make a change, right? That's what he says!" Later that day I locked down "Together We Make Dreams Come True Is True" for that spot and upped the size to a 30x45 print.

I had really wanted "Together We Make Dreams Come True" for that spot because I wanted the continuum of Indiana from front to back. The North wall in Gallery 2 is the Terre Haute Penitentiary, the cloud image on the South wall in Gallery 2 was made flying over Indiana and "Together We Make Dreams Come True" was made within 2 miles of the Terre Haute Penitentiary.

Bruce Silverstein Gallery

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Ian Aleksander Adams said...

This installation looks absolutely awesome. It's so wonderful to see arrangement adding something to the work, and conversing with it, instead of simply showing it.