Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We Love Having You Here: Installation

wlhyh_6888 web

wlhyh_6872 web

wlhyh_6867 web

wlhyh_6866 web


caryn said...

i am so sorry i'm going to miss this one - but i'm heading to western mass on a writing residency for the week. i am going to try to make it down for the book signing in philly, though.

that is if they'll let me in the city.

mazel tov!!

Christopher Paquette said...

looks awesome Zoe!

ruben said...

Can't wait!
I am meeting a bunch of NYC Zoemates at the show!
Looking good!

dR said...

Fk'in fantastic.

andipantz said...

great stuff, Zoe!!