Sunday, November 02, 2008

Volunteer for Barack Obama on Election Day

I will be driving around and documenting on election day, which I think will be a good thing for me to do on that day of days... however, I am going back and forth about forgoing documentation for a big part of the day and volunteering instead, because I think volunteering for Obama is EXTRAORDINARILY IMPORTANT.

My neighbor on Cantrell St. told me that she doesn't vote... but she wouldn't vote for Obama because he's a socialist. She told me this last week. No joke. She could have benefited from a visit from Barack door to door volunteers, just to help clear up basic misconceptions. I mean I told her what I thought, but it was just happenstance that we were talking about the election. She doesn't vote, but there have to be plenty of people like her that do vote.

So, I implore you, please volunteer.


And live in California? Vote NO on Prop 8!


lane said...

I'm living overseas in New Zealand right now, and it's been tough for me to feel sidelined during this election. I tell myself I can make up for it by campaigning my ass off for Obama in 2012. It is amazing though, I am constantly asked who I'm voting for here, complete strangers who hear my American accent will ask me. I almost feel like my absentee vote was partly dedicated to them, too. The world is watching.

Brian said...

Volunteer! You can do both at the same time believe me!
I'm down in Indianapolis knocking on doors and the conversations and enthusiasm is fantastic!

zs said...

That is awesome to hear, yes I'm volunteering tomorrow and I'm going to work on election day, too. Remember when fucking Karl Rove helped engineer a second Bush "win"? In good conscious, I can't let election day go by without helping out.

Brian said...

Indeed. It's amazing to me that there are even some misinformed or simply unsure because they haven't looked past the TV.
Conversations, person to person, (even if it's just telling people where to vote) make such a bigger difference.
Have a blast Z! Can't wait to see your pictures.

poet CAConrad said...


Here is Philadelphia, NOTHING and I mean NOTHING would be more beautiful to have Obama win! First the Phillies win the world series, then Obama wins the hearts back to life! And NOT A SECOND TOO LATE! If McCain wins, well, I just don't know what we'll do.

Much LOVE to you, fingers crossed,
Homophobia and a Lexicon of Violence

nina said...

yes Lane, your vote counts for us too!
And go Zoe go!