Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Two new great quotes...

"I feel like a newborn baby"- Brett Schultz on the Phillies win.


and this masterpiece...

"I go to Broad daily."- Kevin McGuire

This means, "I celebrate the great things in life everyday." The meaning comes from the celebrations on Broad St within the last 2 weeks: Phillies World Series Win, Philllies Parade and Obama Win.


election day_6151 web

election day_6162 web

election day_6190 web

Obama is the president-elect celebration on Broad St.


phillies parade_3169 web

phillies parade_3257 web

phillies parade_3624 web

Phillies Parade celebration on Broad St.


phils_2943 web

Phillies win World Series celebration on Broad St.


fans_breakdance_1073 web

Phillies win NL East celebration on Broad St.


pink and white wench web

Every New Years Day celebration on Broad St.


"I go to Broad daily."

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