Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lynn Bloom: Patience and Generosity of a Saint

1. I came back to the hotel right after installing the last minute version of the slideshow and my lady had gone shopping at Century 21, the close-out department store, and had gotten me a whole outfit to wear to the opening. That's why I looked super cute and wasn't wearing my usual green t-shirt.

Of course, at the end of the night my mom pointed out that I forgotten to cut tags off and I had been wearing tags on the inside of my new shirt, a la "Cousin Minnie."

2. One time when I was crazy working on the book, Lynn Bloom came into the kitchen and I was picking up and biting into a whole rotisserie chicken we had just gotten at the Acme. As in picking up a whole chicken and biting into it.


Amy Stein said...

Minnie Pearl + tasty chicken = ZS

zs said...

Amy, that is brilliant.