Thursday, November 06, 2008

I am having a book published: America in stock at AMMO: Check


Barack Obama is President-elect: Check

obama win web


Phillies are World Series Champions: Check

world series web


Second Big Show at Bruce Silverstein Gallery: AMERICA: We Love Having You Here: Check


Family Still Super Awesome: Check

nan fake shaking hands with barack obama_6234 web

cosmo baker_6233 web

ib and bo little_9642_web


Still With The Greatest Person in the World: Lynn Bloom: Check

lb on broad daily

zs and lb_1 web

I'm on Broad daily.

election day_6202 web


ruben said...

That should = Life is good!

cosmobaker said...


Anonymous said...

That was uncalled for!
I could have sent a photo from my cellphone, jackass!