Sunday, November 23, 2008

Greatest Art Opening Ever

I don't think it's over-stating anything to say that last night's book signing and dance party was the greatest opening ever in the history of Chelsea.

I have too many people to thank in this one post, but I'm going at it right now and will keep it rolling through the next couple of days.

First, thanks to all who came out and who bought the book or bought prints. Thanks a million times over.

Special Thanks-

#1. Lynn Bloom, life-partner extraordinaire. None of the work I've produced would be possible without Ms. Bloom and she should probably share billing with me for the book and the shows. This summer will mark our 20th anniversary and through the course of our lives she has supported me in every way. Ladies and Gentlemen, there's no one who can top the greatness of Ms. Lynn Bloom. Thanks, baby.

#2. My Immediate Family- Ilene Baker, Cosmo Baker, Savannah Roberts. Power players, my friends, and I can't make a move without them.

#3. An additional shout out to my brother, Mr. Cosmo Baker who rocked the party last night and brought it all the way home. And to his "good bride" Ms. Sydney Peck-Strauss, Esq.

#4. What about my gallery? Bruce Silverstein Gallery. Right, that's good news with the incredibly supportive move of allowing me to use the space in a completely different way. Thanks to Bruce, Beth. Yvonne, Liam, Luis and all the interns. You are all super.

#5. My Extended Family- Aunt 333 Jane, Andrea, Justin, Christine, Jimmy, Deb, Jonah, Ruby, Liz, Angela, Elle, Shane, Manny, Sophie, Seth- through marriage, choice and chance.

#6. Dearest Interns- thanks, thanks and thanks to my intern and assistant Donna, who was a tremendous, tremendous help. And to Ashley, Masha and Laura (at home but still representing). Manny, at this point you have moved from intern area to family area in the thank yous.

#7. And thanks all the guys from my SVA class that came out. That was great. And the Whitney movers and shakers, past and present. Thanks to all my blog friends and the great photographers who came out and thanks to all people who came from Philadelphia. And Brent and Ruben and Mike.

More to follow.


Please send me photos if you took any!


ruben said...

Check out my blog for show photos.
We loved having you here (NYC)

Mike @ MAO said...


So great to see you again...

Congrats on a great is truely a total standout on 24th street in Chelsea. You are right where your work belongs..alone side.. Cindy Sherman, Sugimoto, Gursky, and Richard Prince..

Also..that is one amazing book you've put together.
It's one I will cherish for many years to come.

Hope to see you again soon.
-Mike @ MAO