Monday, November 24, 2008

A Great Recap of the America: WLHYH Opening

Thanks so much to the fabulous Ruben for his fabulous post about the opening... all the photos are great, well, Ruben is just so great. Before the opening Ruben and Susan Meiselas came in and Ruben introduced me to her, but I didn't catch her last name so, thankfully, I didn't act like a spaz. But then the minute they left someone was like, "That was Susan Meiselas," so I had to run after them to tell her what a huge fan I am of her work. Thank god I didn't know who she was or I would have been out of control. So great to meet you Susan... soy endeudado a usted.

Also, I was thrilled to see all the people pictured in Ruben's photos, Amy, Mike and Will "Party Boy" Steacy.

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ruben said...

It was true joy being there and enjoy the art with some of my favorite people in the art business.

I am printing the photo of you and Susan Meiselas and the one with Mike for you.They are very candid photos.