Monday, November 24, 2008

A big part of the front room installation is the "living room" like set up of two chairs with tables and table lamps. Now, while there are many reasons for how and why gallery 1 is set up as it is, one of the reasons at the top is tremendously basic....people should be able to sit down and be comfortable.


Zoe Strauss' Siverstein show 2008 - sleeping guy

Photo above by the great David Kessler. Thanks so much for coming, my friend. The guy sleeping in the chair got up, milled around for a few minutes and then came back and fell asleep again. I couldn't have planned something that great.


chairs in gallery 1 1436 web

This is not a staged photo, this guy was actually sitting here and reading the paper he brought with him. Again, totally not staged.


chairs in little room 1437 web

I'll see this lady at the SPE conference.

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