Sunday, November 30, 2008

America Book Release Party and Book Signing: Recap Part 2!

Time to recap in full about the greatest book signing event in the history of the world. Thanks to Quaker City. Thanks to the party planning committee, Lynn Bloom and Savannah Roberts. Thanks to my mom. Thanks to my super interns... Donna Collins, Ashley Flynn and Maria.

There were many, many people I was happy to see. Some people who bought books should not have made the purchase, because I have books for them! Not to buy! To give to them! They get the books as a gift because I love them and am indebted to them. That means you Paula Marincola. And you John Powell.

While the unfortunate occurrence of books selling out happened, there was pizza and beer until the end of the night, and plenty of 5 dollar copies for sale and an ongoing slide show and an amazing playlist selected by Lynn Bloom. A highlight was "200 Years" from the Nashville soundtrack written by Henry Gibson. "We must be doing something right to last 200 years..."

Also, if an event is held and Alex Mechanick is in attendance, it is a great event. Alex, you are so super! I love you!

Thanks to Albert Yee for making these great photos...

Photos above by Albert Yee

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Alex said...

The fact that you believe anyone else cares about me is endearing, if not a little worrying.