Thursday, October 30, 2008


phils_2906 web

phils_2735 web

phils_2431 web

phils_2738 web

phils_2606 web

phils_2816 web

phils_2661 web

phils_2943 web

phils_2547_1 web

phils_2670 web

phils_2607 web

phils_2928 web

phils_2869_1 web

phils_2422_1 web

phils_2475 web

phils_2619 web

lb and col_2414 web

phils_2416 web

phils_2608 web

phils_2470 web

phils_3097 web

phils_3095 web

phils_2702_1 web

phils_2485 web

phils_2521 web
These guys didn't know each other.

phils_3111_2 web

phils_2698 web

phils_2506_1 web

phils_3021_1 web

phils_2644_1 web

phils_2761 web

phils_2474 web

phils_2940_1 web

phils_2381 web

Phils_2966_1 web

phils_2427 web

phils_2864_1 web

Phils working_3000_1 web

phils_2851_2 web

phils_2639 web

phils_2879 we are the champions my friends web
This guy and I sang a dead serious rendition of "We Are the Champions"

phils_2770_1 web

max_2840 web
Max! Our produce guy at the Acme!

phils_2743 web

alan and elizabeth_2750 web
Alan and Elizabeth

phils_2570 web

phils_2752_1 web

phils_2629 web

phils_3015 web

phils_2552_1 web

phils_2584_1 web

phils_2795_1 web

Phils working_2997 web

phils_2835_2 web

phils_2543_2 web

Phils working_2948_1 web

phils_2623 web

phils_3038_1 web

phils_2540 web

phils_2828 web

phils_2535 web


Patti Hallock said...

Yay Phillies! I remember them winning in 1980 sooo clearly. I even saved a penny from that year. I had such a crush on Tug McGraw. ha!

Unknown said...

wonderful pride of place in philly.

Matt Weber said...

Great work Zoe! I'm happy for you...

Anonymous said...

such an amazing night!! ive never been so excited/scared/high-fived/hugged in my life!

neb said...

This is the best thing ever.

ruben said...

May this unify Philladelphia more a as city and make crime dissapear!
Party up everybody!

The Capt'n said...

A single tear...

thanks for this, Dagger. Looking at your pictures was like a visit home.

Christopher Paquette said...

sweet and awesome shots..... not a single person on my street even came outside.... (stupid suburbs)

Anonymous said...

Who is that young woman on the phone chatting with in picture #17?

addie said...

these are so fantastic. philly rules!