Friday, October 17, 2008

John McCain mocks women's health... this is really a topper. The two videos above are the same, but it was so shocking that I felt it should be shown twice. Unbelievable and yet really happening. Please make sure to vote.


Tracy said...

Hi Zoe, I was totally pissed off when I heard this crap spew from McCain's mouth the other night. A friend of mine who lives in the philly area had to have a partial birth abortion to save her life, check out her blog if you'd like, obviously she is more than upset.

zs said...

Hey Tracy,
Thanks so much for the link to your friend's blog... that's an incredibly painful story and it's amazing that she was able to share it.
And I'm fully in agreement with her last statement.

Tracy said...

Hi Zoe, glad you checked it out. It's caused a big stir in her blog world and I am hoping it will get picked up somewhere.

I have not been a huge Obama fan but I might be after he distinctly said, in front of everyone, that he supports a woman's right to choose. Too many politicians seem to be afraid to say that anymore, even if they believe it.