Monday, October 27, 2008

It's possible that the Phillies could win the World Series. It's possible. Now, I don't know if people outside of Philadelphia know what that means. I can say that if the Phillies win the World Series it will be one of the greatest moments in my life. For real.

Here is a message that my brother received when the Phillies won the NL championship a week and a half ago....
"cops just chased a snowmobile the wrong way up 4th street. sparks were flying everywhere. they weren't even trying to catch him, they were yelling GO PHILS!"

phills in field working_1 web

lights at phillies game_8105 web

watching the game_8190 web

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Anonymous said...

what happened, where you robbed and attacked by a non-dyslexic Phillies fan? Oh thats right, you did that to yourself.