Monday, October 06, 2008

ashley sister cropped


ashley grandmother_8591 web

a_____ sister_8428 web

In going over the beautiful photos of the Flynn extended family and I find myself interested in the top one. These photos are of Ms. Ashley Flynn's family and I made these images on a visit to her grandmothers house. I made them with the intent of showing the kinds of natural lighting available to Ashley, but I'm really into the photos of Ashley's grandmother that I made.

Ms. Flynn is one of my #1 interns and is a really good photographer. It's important to note that "really good photographer" isn't something I throw around. If she continues to work, I will have great faith in her ability to produce strong images. That Ashley is no joke.

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Scott LaForce said...

I <3 ms. Flynn's grandmother.. lots. She is beautiful.. as are the other portraits.. but her in particular.