Monday, October 27, 2008

I am working on We Love Having You Here and losing my mind about it because there's been some shifts that had to happen and I'm adapting as best I can to a shift from the original presentation. The biggest shift is budget, because I had planned for a show that didn't take into account America's recent slide into a depression. This is ok with me... I am truly adaptable, but it's a lot of last minute work for me. One thing that's sure, I don't mind working. I actually love to work and I like to have everything reflect the moment. After all, this show is called "America:

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Ah, the promise, the regret, the fear, the anger, the desperation. Whatever, friends. We will be OK! You know as I've gotten fancier and shit... as much as I wish I was a millionaire... I find myself becoming more and more filled with disdain for "business." Don't people usually get less radical as they get older? I feel like I'm ready to start yelling, "Over the top, Wimmin!" taking over a nuclear munitions plant. What the hell?

I find that everything is everything for me...and I have less and less separation between my diametrically opposed interests and beliefs.

Go Phillies.
And Go Reds, Smash State.
Here's to a new Democratic President!
And here's to the fall of our false two party system!
Here's to all of us... Russell my Republican neighbor, I love you while I wish for the complete disintegration of your party of divisiveness and out and out evil. And to those who think Obama is the second coming, man, I can't wait for him to win but I don't expect the change that you're all touting... I expect a slowing, and hopefully, a stopping of America's plummeting into the morass that the corrupt and evil Bush administration has engineered.

Here's to us all! With love and exuberance!


ruben said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Bruce Silverstein yesterday while assisting Cara Phillips of WIP doing free UV portraits on 14 St & 9th Ave.

We talked about you (great things said off course), He also had his UV portrait done.

I hope the Phillies win and that will help the city come together and stop violence!
Go Obama!

I think this is the perfect time for your show and book. A reality check for America!

Christopher Paquette said...

Got my Photograph Magazine in the mail today.... love the ad for the show!!