Saturday, October 18, 2008

Here's about this logo... a few people have asked me about it in the last week. It's a purposely "difficult to figure out" logo, a woman holding something, a field hockey player or a gardener.

ak logo

Here is the photo that was the source of the design.

zs ak logo photo web

The photo above was taken of me about 20 years ago in Nicaragua and I'm holding an AK-47. I believe the exact type type of AK I'm holding is an AKMS on a Type 4B. In the uncropped photo I'm standing next to the "comandante" who was in a wheelchair having been shot in the war.

By the ballot, the bullet, or the photo, sisters and brothers. I'm just glad what I use for shooting is a D-300 vs. an AKMS.


Anonymous said...

Nice logo, but the real killer is the outfit. The Sartorialist should have caught you then. (Looking forward to America.)

ruben said...

I didn't know you were with the guerrillas in Nicaragua!
That is a good photo.
Zoe, call me to hang in NYC .

ZS said...

I know that outfit is tremendous... if only I could have carried my fashion forwardness of the revolution into my later life! I am content with my uniform of green t-shirt and jeans however, don't be fooled.

Christopher Paquette said...

I always suspected you were a card carrying member of the NRA....

ZS said...

Just try and pry it from my cold, dead hands.