Wednesday, October 01, 2008

here's about the photo below.


1. There was a pretty amazing rainbow, one where you could actually shake hands with Roy G. Biv.  So while my lady was in the Wawa getting iced tea, I took a photo of it. Not with any intention of including it in my body of work, but because I love taking pictures.

2. The rainbow shot was made facing east; the above shot was made facing west.  The reflection in the wet asphalt was spectacular, and I wanted to make a few photos of it.  The image above was made to check camera settings.  

3. The above photo is the sky reflected in the wet asphalt.

4. This photo is actually of the sky

5. While I was making the cloud reflection, I heard Bob talking to some guy in front of the Wawa and I went over to say hi.  Bob lives under I-95 and will be helping me host a book signing outside the aforementioned
Wawa.  I asked Bob to pose for me in the parking lot, and the second I saw him in the viewfinder I knew I couldn't make this shot work.  The parked cars on the left and the building on the right weren't the right geometry for a photo based around reflection.  

6. I made this photo of Bob with a flash... and I had hoped to make one more shot solely of his reflection with the camera upside down, but a car came and that was the end of that.  Thanks, Bob!  See you later this week. 

7. I decided to make the next few images of people from the waist down, and present the reflection of the walkers in the position of the actual person walking through the parking lot. That meant that I had to make the photo with the camera upside down, but I found it too awkward and decided to invert the photo in post-production because I couldn't comfortably hold the camera inverted.

8. Man walking in Wawa parking lot

9. Man walking in Wawa parking lot

10. Man walking in Wawa parking lot inverted

11. My lady comes out of Wawa with the Iced Tea and some lunch meat.

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James Roe said...

Dear Zoe,

I bought this picture at Silverstein the day "America" went up. I've been following your work since I saw that amazing slide show at the Whitney a few years ago.

I can't wait to bring it home!

I hope you're well and congratulations on the wonderful show and thank you for making such meaningful pictures.