Thursday, October 09, 2008

Happy High Holy Day!

A easy fast to all who are abstaining today. I almost always fast, with the exception of coffee, and will be OUT OF MIND by this afternoon. Once about 10-15 years ago it was close to the end of the day on Yom Kippur and for some reason my lady and I were at the Oregon Ave. K-Mart and I was so hungry and crazy that I made her buy a 5 pound bag of nuts.

There's not really a good or reasonable answer to why I fast and there's not really a good or reasonable answer to why I was in the Oregon Ave. Kmart on Yom Kippur.


stefan said...

I never go to synagogue anymore, I married a gentile, I do absolutely not believe in god, yet I fast every year, coffee included. I had a huge headache at the end of the day that was healed immediately with a single cup of coffee, the traditional way of breaking the fast in my family. But really, we all complain, but it is only a couple of meals missed. Cheers!

:. said...