Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Flyers ownership came up with a douche-bag move of having Sarah Palin drop the first puck at the opening game. Right, fuck you. While I can fully understand that elected officials are a staple for opening sports seasons, someone who is in the middle of campaigning for office doesn't seem like an appropriate choice, it then seems as if the organization is endorsing that candidate.

How did Flyers fans respond?

The booing was so loud that they had to crank up the music. Let's take a look at Sarah Palin on the ice.

Now let's take a closer look at the Flyers fans in the stands behind her.



Cure CF said...

Last month, Palin visited a Philadelphia bar with Flyers owner Ed Snider, who has donated money to Republican presidential nominee John McCain's campaign.

The NHL said it did not view the Flyers' invitation to be politically motivated.

"Governor Palin is a supporter of the sport, which she has proclaimed publicly," NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said. "As a public figure who has a very public connection with hockey, her recent associations with the Flyers and other NHL franchises is not surprising and, in our view, not inappropriate."

ZS said...

Actually, I was at the bar when Ed Snyder drove up the back alley to sneak in the Irish Pub. I yelled that I was dropping my season tickets... but to be honest I was super disappointed that he was there.

Heart As Arena said...

Wonkette rocks it, and they've posted the video. Philly fucking rules.