Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Email is busted, so if you need me, call me!


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Strauss,

Apologies for always commenting off-topic and anonymously but I recently (yesterday) picked up a copy of City Paper's Primer.

On page 68, as you already know, is an article entitled "The Photo Synthesizer" (interview by Molly Eichel/photograph of you by Michael T. Regan).

I've only recently started following your blog on a daily basis (plus linking you) and I'm not sure you've mentioned this.

Think you should post the photo/interview.


Mark Barry said...

What did you do, step on it?

ZS said...

Dear Ms., Mr. or gender neutral Anonymous,
There's no issues with commenting off topic, since I am rarely on topic as it is. Comment as you wish, my friend! Thanks so much for noting my inclusion in the City Paper Primer and I will indeed be posting it when I get a chance to scan it in.

And to Mr. Barry,

No, I did not step on it! Spill some coffee on it, ok, but step on it? Are you crazy? I'm coming closer and closer to a Unibomber like snapping point which might cause me to smash the computer, and my cell phone in addition.

With Love,
Zoe Strauss