Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eileen Neff, The Key of Dreams opening

I am a really big Eileen Neff fan, so of course I went to the opening for The Key of Dreams.

Here's a review of the show... "totally great!"

So, while I was up there I ran into Brent, who I love. Bizarrely, I ran into Brent pretty much in the exact same place the last time I was in NY.

Then when I was talking to Beth, Roberta Smith came into the adjacent gallery and I had to run over to her and tell her how much I appreciated her review of my last show. However, I was babbling like a totally moron because I am so STAR STRUCK by Roberta Smith. Christ, it was like I was Marsha talking to Davy Jones. Then she came back into gallery to ask something about Eileen's great piece and I told her that I loved her, and said it in a high voice. Seriously. Yes, I do love Roberta Smith but I don't know her so I should probably keep that in, huh? You would think at some point I would just get SOME professionalism. Looks like no for that.

Then I saw someone who I actually know and love, Ms. Paula Marincola. I wish we both didn't work 900 hours a day, because I miss seeing her.

And I saw, Dick Torchia who is not just handsome but so generous... I will never forget the help he gave me with my Pew application.

And the awesome William Pym, who I can't wait to work with.

It was a pretty great day but the highlight was yet to happen. A few years ago, somehow Eileen and I figured out that her brother was my dentist in 1976. OK, I don't know exactly why this IS SO AMAZING AND EXCITING TO ME but I managed to tell every person there that it turned out that Eileen's brother was my dentist when I was 6... and I totally told this like it was a story! "Listen to this, Eileen's brother was my dentist 30 years ago!" I don't care that people aren't interested! I think it's amazing! Later in the evening I was reunited with my pediatric dentist, Dr. Louis Prusack, DDS. I don't really understand this, because I had only seen him once or twice in 1976 or 1977, but I recognized him immediately. Louie, thanks for a masterful job with my teeth.

Dr. Louis Prusack, DDS_1920 web
Dr. Louis Prusack, DDS

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