Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I hate having to write a bio. I generally go with "Zoe Strauss is an installation artist and photographer from Philadelphia."

And I can't fucking stand an artist's statement... I'm not saying that it's not necessary when applying for a grant, or for when folks can't see someones art work in person, but it's abhorrent to write. I remember for the Leeway grant I just wrote "Please see slides," which is ridiculous but I genuinely felt that I couldn't add anything more.

So my new thing will be to just submit the series of the following photos when a bio is requested.


clr said...

you could ask someone else to write it for you. like, you know, a writer, or something.

barring that i think the photos are AWESOME. the third one down says it all. i think you could just submit THAT.

ruben said...

At most times photos tell the story better than words.

Copy and paste one from one of your show reviews!

Zoe when are up here next?
Girl, I know some cool comfort food and drinks places!
Let's do it!

nina said...

right there with you.
I love the photo bio :)

Scott LaForce said...

Can I steal this idea? Love it.

albert said...

you should add one of those big red circles and an arrow in your grade school pic ;)

and in addition to submitting the photos, you should add 'sorry, was too busy kicking ass to write a bio, but with these 4 photos, you got your 4000 words'