Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some Bullshit that the GOP is Pulling: Calling on Enforcing Ye Olde "Passive Electioneering" Laws

"If top [Pennsylvania] state Republicans get their way, you can forget about wearing that Obama T-shirt when you step up to cast your vote Nov. 4.

Palin pins will be off limits, too.

It's called "passive electioneering," and GOP officials yesterday called on the Rendell administration to enforce a little-known, decades-old law that they say bans such things.

'We strongly believe Pennsylvanians should be able to look to the polling place as a safe harbor, free of any type of electioneering, without any outside influences,' Robert Gleason, chairman of the state Republican Party, said at a Capitol news conference.

In past years, some local election officials across Pennsylvania - though not in Philadelphia - have enforced the provision, going as far as asking voters to turn their T-shirts inside out."


Christopher Paquette said...

Totally off topic.... but I just wanted to say that your writing is really starting to evolve and develop. We had this conversation at David Kessler's show @ Bambi Gallery about writer's block, etc.

I just wanted you to know that I've noticed that your words seem to be flowing these days.... probably lot's of reasons...(France trip, new book release, Election issues, etc).

I check this blog every day and it never fails to make me think. We are on very different political wave lengths, but you have taught me so much and forced me to re-think many things over the past two years.

Keep up the energy!



zs said...

Thanks, Chris! You know I love and respect you, so it means a lot.