Sunday, September 28, 2008

Photo Quotes

Click the title to go to a site that is all quotes about photography. Here's my quote:

"I love quotes and I love photography. You can't go wrong with a site comprised of quotes about photography!"- Zoe Strauss


Here's possibly a better quote...

"Photographs bear witness to a human choice being exercised in a given situation. A photograph is a result of the photographer's decision that it is worth recording that this particular event or this particular object has been seen. If everything that existed were continually being photographed, every photograph would become meaningless." - John Berger


Here's a quote about that's kind of about quotes...

"'La experiencia es la madre de la ciencia. Spanish, my dears. Cervantes. Experience is the mother of knowledge.' (quoted) Mrs. Who."

-Madeline L'Engle from A Wrinkle in Time


Unknown said...

Quotes and images together? Heresy.

ZS said...

heresy for the heretical. please look at the homage to the MacFeat trading cards series in the post above.