Tuesday, September 16, 2008

nan and petey_7073 web

nan and petey_7065 web

nan and petey_7069_1 web

nan and petey_7071_1 web

2nd from the top seems to be the one, but to be honest maybe none of these. The two bottom photos are definitely too sentimental and won't end up in my mix.

I knocked on the door of this house and these were two of the people who lived there. The amount of love happening here was incredible.


Will said...

Even before reading your choice, while scrolling down the second photo was the one that stopped me. Fascinating. As are the ones above. Did you direct him to climb, or did he just do it in response to your taking the photos? Great stuff, Zoe.

neb said...

I was curious about that myself. He seems so relaxed. Sometimes I wonder how you find the people you photograph, and then I walk outside and there they are.