Monday, September 15, 2008

Megawords Storefront Collage Workshop

I will be hosting a workshop on September 18th from 7pm-9pm. What is this workshop, you ask? A long talk about contemporary photography? Fuck no! This is a art and crafts hang out night where people are welcome to come to make collages. That's right, just fully relaxed making collages with no pressure. I have a ton of magazines and other amazing things for collage and encourage people to bring their own stuff to share... bring outdated calendars, photographic prints you're throwing away, paper bags, whatever. Kids are invited! I have no idea how many people might come, so bring your own scissors if you want to insure that you don't have to share. I will have everything else, so get ready for good times.

This is not a photography workshop! It's just making collages!

Megawords Storefront- Zoe Strauss workshop
1125 North Cherry Street

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