Tuesday, September 09, 2008

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I stopped in at the Allegheny Sunoco to tell Linda that she was going to be in the book... I missed her by like 10 minutes and dropped her a note letting her know how beautiful the photo came out. It was a few years ago when I made the photo and I wasn't sure if she still worked there, but Linda is still holding it down at the Allegheny Sunoco. Pictured above is the fabulous Ms. Eucie, also holding it down at the A-Plus.

I had forgotten that Linda's photo was in the Inquirer article about 2 years ago, all the workers had seen it and loved it. Thanks to Linda and all the Allegheny A-Plus workers!

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Anonymous said...

Think it was about a half year or so ago when you had the slide projection piece at Moore College when I first saw the photograph of the A+ employee (Linda) and had coincidently just picked up and paid for a coffee that morning from said location (Allegheny) a couple of hours earlier (the neighborhood where I live).

The following day went and told Linda about the show and how she was one of your subjects spotlighted.

Don't know whether she saw the piece but believe it or not she said a couple of other customers had also told her about it.

zs said...

That's awesome! I made that portrait when I was just running in to get a drink down the A-plus and I couldn't believe how Linda managed to radiate such a beautiful sense of self amid the full blown visual chaos of the uniforms and the cigarettes. I swing in occasionally to drop off flyers for upcoming shows and I'll definitely swing back there with the book.

You know, the photo of Linda was one that crept up on me... it's become a really important photo.