Friday, September 12, 2008

I met Dorthia a few months ago and made some beautiful photos of her. I always veer toward the more explicit photos, I like for things to be shown, but I chose a very romantic, longing and quiet photo of Dorthia for the book. I think this was indicative of many of the choices for America... I wanted a slow build, with different layers, which changed the whole structure and syntax of the book and left less room for those photos that might stop someone cold. Essentially, I structured the book with more quiet and nuanced things.

These photos were all in the running...

dorthia_2289_1 web

dorthia_2291_1 web

dorthia_2286_1 web


This was the America winner...

dorthia_2307 web


The bloody lip photo below was in America until the last, last, last edit and it will really be missed, but it was impossible to place it.

bloody lip17_3web

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julia said...

I love your final choice for Dorthia. It is much more romantic and I think captures the viewer for much longer as they gaze into her eyes. I can't wait to see the book.