Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am too out of it to write a long thing about this, but last night I made a few photos of people watching the Phillies game. I almost always ask someone if I can make their portrait, but these were all made with the intent of recording people focusing on an event and almost all photos were made without asking. None are intended to really get into the mix, it was just a little bit of different focus. My GOD, I love to make photos. I am not knocked out by being at a baseball game, but if I can get baseball foods and make a lot of photos, it's a winning situation, my friends.

watching the game_8202_1 web

watching the game_8143 web

watching the game_8144 web

watching game_8111 web

watching game_7993_1 web

watching the game_8099_1 web

watching game_7989 web

watching game_8079 web

watching game_8036_1 web

watching game_8033 web

working at game_8050_1 web

Actually, I did ask the guy below if I could make photos of him. Honestly, I like the connection for real, for real.
watching the game_8190 web

watching the game_8177 web


Here is one of my most enjoyable things to do at a game...can I get the ball right in front the batter or between the batter and the catcher's glove? And what's the lowest ISO I can go down to and still have the ball visible?

batting_8075 web

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Christopher Paquette said...

It's gonna be a nail biter of a weekend for sure!!

Great photos!